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Pre-Formed Carbide Blanks

Rapid delivery, quality and customer service has made Carbide Technologies a leading supplier of Pre-formed carbide blanks. Specializing in carbide blanks for the rotary tooling industry Carbide Technologies will produce custom blanks to customer specifications in a wide variety of configurations.

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Products range from straight OD round or rectangular blanks in hard to find sizes to multiple step blanks to fully fluted reamer blanks.

Tangs, screw flats, counter-bores, and any female or male center can also be provided

In addition, Carbide Technologies can also provide any blank with coolant holes to fit customer applications.  Single or multiple through-holes parallel to the long axis, perpendicular bleeder holes , or multiple branching cross holes connecting to a central feeder hole can all be provided.  

Rapid RFQ Response

With rare exception all Requests for Quotation will be responded to within a few hours and always within 24 hours of being received.  .  . 

Fast Delivery

Understanding the importance of fast and reliable turnaround in today's ultracompetative market Carbide Technologies can manufacture and ship most blanks in 10 to 14 calendar days.  Of course, blank design, order quantity,  specified grade, or workload can all effect delivery so each RFQ is evaluated and a promised ship date submitted based on real-time information, not some generic guideline or policy.  .