Special Items

Carbides Technology Special ItemsSpecial Carbide Preforms
Carbide Technologies offers a wide range of preformed carbide tool and wear part blanks in both round and rectangular configurations.

These include:

  • Step drill blanks with and without coolant holes
  • Fluted and unfluted reamer blanks with or without coolant holes
  • Center drill blanks
  • Double end mill blanks
  • BSR, BCD, BEM, female center blanks
  • Single and multiple hole tubing
  • Special drill blanks
  • Gundrill blanks
  • Bushings
  • Just about any blank with an OD of 3.25in or less and a length of 14in or less.

Special Carbide Extrusions
Our proprietary extrusion process gives us the capability to produce not only standard round and rectangular shapes but many custom shapes as well. Symmetrical and non-symmetrical geometries with an Internal Circle Dimension of up to 3/4in lengths up to 15in.

Unique applications may involve a tooling charge

Fax your sketch to 586-293-5810 or print for a quote or attach your file to our quote/contact form.

Carbide Technology Special Items