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Chinese W ore prices turn upward

Chinese tungsten ore prices could rally, sources say, because the government of Ganzhou, Jiangxi province (the biggest tungsten producing area in China) has begun a half-year rectification on mining. The rectification is designed to stop illegal mining.  All mines will be inspected, and ore production is likely to be affected, sources say.  Tungsten concentrate prices are stable at $185-190 per mtu, but many miners are holding back material because they are convinced prices will firm further as the government clampdown proceeds. The Ganzhou Tungsten Association raised its indicated minimum price for concentrates to $187 per mtu for June from $185 in May. APT prices have reacted to higher ore prices by rising to $232-237 per mtu, f.o.b. compared to $230-235 Ferrotungsten prices, however are unchanged at $31-32 per kg, f.o.b. on thin business. China exported 1,422 mt of APT in the first four months of 2010 vs. 643 mt in the same months of 2009. Exports were mainly: 455 mt (214 mt in the year-ago period) to Japan; 490 mt (187 mt) to Rotterdam and 422 mt (242 mt) to the US.  Exports in April were 392 mt vs. 291 mt in April 2009.  Exports of ferrotungsten totaled 503 mt in January-April  vs. 920 mt in the first four months of 2009. Exports were 191 mt (675 mt in the year-ago period) to Rotterdam and 287 (205 mt) to Japan. Exports in April were 25 mt vs. 104 mt in Apri